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Traffic Marking Paint


Waterborne Traffic Marking Paint manufacturered by Aexcel Corp.

Our "Jet Dry" waterborne paints are a thick, high viscosity paint with more solids than the "Regular Dry" paints.

We stock 5 gallon pails

110 gallons/22 pails per pallet.

55 gallon drums or totes available by special order.


Jet Dry     Dry Time (No Pickup) 10 minutes @ 77 F  14.06 Lbs per gallon

     72Y-A056 Yellow Federal Spec. TT-P 1952E Type ll

     72W-A042 White Federal Spec.  TT-P 1952E Type ll

     72L-A002 Blue Federal Spec. TT-P 1952E Type l

     72A-A018 Black Federal Spec. TT-P 1952D Type ll


Regular Dry     Dry Time (No Pickup) 30-45 minutes @ 77 F  11.60 Lbs per gallon

     72Y-A029 Yellow Federal Spec. TT-P 1952B

     72W-A036 White Federal  Spec. TT-P 1952B

Aexcel manufactures waterborne traffic paint that meets the performance of US Federal Specification TT-P-1952B, 1952D & 1952E along with other state DOT specifications.

All of our waterborne products are non-flammable, lead free, and formulated to have less than 150 g/l of VOCs. 


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